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Charge+ launches Singapore’s fastest public EV charging network

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Charge+ will have at least 50 Turbo fast charging points by end-2022, forming a vital component of its 1,000 charging points nationwide by then


Mr Goh Chee Kiong, CEO, Charge+ (left)

Mr Christopher Ong, Managing Director, DHL Express Singapore (right)



Singapore, 17 February 2022 - Charge+ has officially launched its charging network of fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers, Singapore’s fastest public EV chargers. At a direct current (DC) power rating of up to 120kW, Charge+’s “Turbo” fast chargers are considerably faster than the 50kW power rating predominantly found in public fast chargers in Singapore.

In 2021, Charge+ had opened its public charging network in Singapore, with an initial focus on its proprietary Alternating Current (AC) ultra-slim chargers that are suitable for residential and workplace charging. The announcement today on the addition of Turbo fast chargers will complement Charge’s existing network and provide EV drivers the convenience of charging their EVs fully in about 30 minutes.

Charge+ has already 12 operational fast charging points, with another 22 fast charging points ready by mid-2022. (refer to Annex A for list of confirmed locations, and Annex B for photos of EV drivers) By end of 2022, the Charge+ network will have at least 50 fast charging points, forming a vital component of Charge+’s nationwide network of about 1,000 charging points located in both public and private premises by end of this year.

Charge+ has placed emphasis on finding optimal locations for the fast charging stations, with considerations such as proximity to retail, food and beverage outlets, and expressways, or even free parking. This approach will enhance the convenience for EV drivers in tapping on the nationwide public charging network of Charge+.

This announcement by Charge+ follows on the heels of other recent major milestones achieved by Charge+. In 2021, the Charge+-led consortium won Singapore’s first ever government tender for EV charging infrastructure in governmental carparks. Under this tender, Charge+ will implement more than 150 charging points and had started operating EV charging stations in HDB towns such as Punggol, Woodlands and Yishun, with more towns to come. In end-2021, Charge+ became the first charging operator to receive EV Common Charger Grant (ECCG) support from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and also the first to implement charging stations in condominiums under this national programme.

Mr Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+, said, “Charge+ is today the only comprehensive EV charging solution provider in Singapore, through serving the HDB, condominium, commercial and industrial building segments. The new public fast charging network from Charge+ will be highly complementary to our regular charging stations implemented in residential estates and workplaces. We believe that this major milestone will further boost Singapore’s ongoing transition of its land transport sector to take up more electric vehicles.”

Avid EV driver, Mr Christopher Ong, Managing Director, DHL Express Singapore, who has been driving a Jaguar ipace since September 2020 said, “I am excited Charge+ has set up the fastest public EV chargers in Singapore, providing more options for EV drivers like myself. While I do a grocery run or grab a quick bite of lunch, getting a fast charge at the Charge+ charger, is all I need for a week’s worth of travel.

Annex A

List of Charge+ Turbo fast charging station locations


To be Operational by mid-2022

Annex B

Photos of EV drivers using Charge+ Turbo fast chargers

Christopher Ong, Managing Director, DHL Express Singapore at UE Square Office Tower

Yong Lai Fu, Executive, Cycle & Carriage Leasing doing last mile delivery at Mah Building

Geoffrey Goh, MG driver at orchardgateway level 7

Koh Jie Meng, Tesla driver at StorHub Toa Payoh 743


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