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Our Integrated EV Charging Solutions

Our differentiated advantages include a proprietary ultra-slim charger, smart charging software and innovative business models


Ultra-Slim Charger (MARVEL)

CHARGE+ has a proprietary ultra-slim Alternating Current (AC) charger with dual charging points at 7.4kW power rating each.


With a 10 cm width, this charger is the world’s slimmest commercial EV charger which is specifically designed for plug and play in all existing carparks.


Developed by Singapore for Singapore, and other dense cities in the region.

Smart Charging Software

Smart Charging Software

Mobile App

EV drivers can enjoy a seamless mobile app experience that allows for ease of locating available chargers, start a charging session, and payment.

Cloud-based Management System

Secure cloud-based Management System to remotely control and monitor all the EV chargers nationwide.


Smart Charging

As many carparks have limited localised power supply, Charge+ will apply its smart charging solution to allow for more chargers to be installed, thereby serving more EV drivers.

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Innovative Business Models

Charging as a service 

One core business model is Charging-as-a-Service in which Charge+ will invest in and operate charging stations in the premises of our partners, thereby helping our partners to reduce capital outlay.


Platform as a service 

Using Singapore as the launch market, our integrated solutions can serve similarly dense cities in Southeast Asia and beyond. Charge+ will structure our solutions on a platform-as-a-service model so as to accelerate our outreach to partners in the region.

Innovative Business Models
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